Women's water polo accidental nipple slips

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Here is the best women's water polo wardrobe malfunction compilation ever put together with all the greatest nipple slips and full on boob slips in the sport's history. This compilation is filled with women's water polo boob slip and nipple form around the world and going back a few years.

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The women of water polo are fond of tearing each other's swimsuits off in the pool. So we can always expect oops moments that put wet tits and nipples on display. And the best part is most of the time the ladies keep playing topless after their suits are like torn to thread just to score a point.

Watching the almost naked body of swimmers is very exciting for voyeurs always hot, but watching the swimmer athlete in the locker room while she undressing is really exciting. In this video, a german athlete lose her clothing and shows off her nipples.